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Post by G4 Man on 9/3/2012, 12:41 am

Okay in case anyone doesn't know what a moderator is, they're people who look over the forum and react to spam, rule breaking, etc. while im gone. they have almost admin privileges and are respected members of the community. Some random person can't come and fill out this form and automatically become a mod. I will perform a background check and require 2 references who think you are capable and responsible enough to become a mod. There are 2 moderators per category so if the one you want is filled than you are out of luck Sad So then if you think your up for the task fill out the form below and PM it to me.

Username: ____

Email Address: ____

Age: ____

Gender : ____

Sexual Orientation: ____ jk

Why do you want to become a mod? (2 to 4 sentences) ____

What categories do you want to moderate? (2 max) ____ ____

Who are your 2 references? ____ ____


Current Moderator Scheme

General: Mestfan21, NeatCrush

Games n' Such: Mestfan21, Blake23641

Entertainment: Kitty, Blake23641

The Arts: Kitty, BunBun

8/8 positions filled
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